Large scale orienteering


How Storius can Help

Make technology part of your game.
Making technology part of the game doesn’t need to be expensive. With our service, you can have a unique experience at a small cost.

Expanding the possibility of orienteering
Using our geo-tagged system, your orienteering will not be limited to audio transmission but a geo-based interactive experience.

Prepare less and gain more.
We understand large-scale orienteering may need a lot of effort or manpower to make it work. Our service can help you reduce your effort by at least 40%.

Bring participants to the community.
Imagine your participants can learn more about the community while enjoying the orienteering. With the pre-created content, your participants can learn more while having a fun game. Best orienteering ever!


Customized programme

We know every audience has different needs. We are here to hear and make them gain the best out of the program.

Geo-tagged map

User can see the audio spot nearby once they reach the location.

Audio Production

No skills are needed, we will walk through the production process with the youth

Read and listen, together

No matter user wants to read or listen, we are all covered.

Community Engagement

User can comment on the spot and share their own thoughts.