Knowledge Sharing


How Storius can Help

Your wisdom should not be wasted.
While you spent a lot of effort creating knowledge, it is time for us to help to make it last.

Share with people who have the same interest.
There are more people interested in what you are interested in than you think; let us help you find them.

Share your knowledge on a fingertip.
Next time you want to share your knowledge with a person, you just need to share the link of your audio, on a fingertip.


Custom creator name

Your own knowledge will always be yours.

Multi-languages support

User can choose the language suits their best.

Audio Production

No skills are needed. We can do the audio production for you.

Geo-tagged map

User can see the audio spot nearby once they reach the location.

Community Engagement

User can comment on the spot and share their own thoughts.

Read and listen, together

No matter user wants to read or listen, we are all covered.