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How Storius can Help


Make your exhibition a interactive storytelling experience
There must be more stories you wanna share than you usually can with simply word. Let audio , even your own voice speaks your full story and let people know more about you.

Lower the cost of touring
We understand how much it costs to hire a person to guide a tour that matches your brand image. With our service, you can provide a quality tour without staffing.

Your stories will not be limited to your audience.
All our app users will now be able to know your brand stories when they are nearby or search for more stories to listen to. 

Enhancing your brand image
We know that more hidden stories in your community or brand will attract more people to get involved. Share with them and expect some unexpected new group of fans. 


Tailor-made banner

Your banner will pop up in our app to attract more people to join.

Multi-languages support

User can choose the language suits their best.

Audio Production

No skills needed, we can do the audio production for you.

Geo-tagged map

User can see the audio spot nearby once they reach the location.

Community Engagement

User can comment on the spot and share their own thoughts.

Read and listen, together

No matter user wants to read or listen, we are all covered.