Charity Walk


How Storius Help


Keep Charity Walk going under any circumstances
Partner with Storius, you can host a charity walk without weather, time, and regulations getting in the way. 

Self-paced walk
Participants can take their own time to join and support the campaign.

All-year long campaign
No need to choose the perfect date for the campaign anymore. You can invite people to join all year long.

Interactive and knowledgable
Participants can gain knowledge while walking. Especially know more about your own stories.

With multi-language support, your charity walk will not be limited to a certain group of people anymore. Even tourists can join your campaign!


Tailor-made banner

Your banner will pop up in our app to attract more people to join.

Multi-languages support

User can choose the language suits their best.

Audio Production

No skills needed, we can do the audio production for you.

Geo-tagged map

User can see the audio spot nearby once they reach the location.

Community Engagement

User can comment on the spot and share their own thoughts.

Read and listen, together

No matter user wants to read or listen, we are all covered.