Our Beliefs

Our Purpose

Storius believes in the power of audio storytelling in improving the lives of people, including travellers, locals and different communities around the world.

We revive tourism with an unprecedented way of immersive travelling, and encourage travellers to explore what is worth discovering.

While the tourism industry was devastated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to figure out ways to identify the long-existing gaps and cracks in our conventional travelling. Therefore, we have created Storius, the first free app providing travellers with local insights, using short, location-based and crowd-sourced audio clips. By collecting and mapping these intriguing yet unheard local stories, we aim to provide a contact-less, meaningful and immersive travel experience for every traveller to explore like a local.

We inspire a community of Storytellers to explore and share what is worth appreciating.

With strong beliefs in how the act of sharing empowers people, we endeavour to be the multi-cultural platform for hundreds of local communities to share their cultural heritage. Since October 2020, we have collected over 700 authentic stories shared by devoted Storytellers from over 35 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Mainland China, Thailand and many more. Through audio storytelling, we hope to boost everyone’s curiosity and passion in learning about the world’s cultures, whilst actively contributing to the preservation of their own cultural heritage.

We make Storius with the collective efforts of our employees and Storyteller community.

We recruit and empower interns and Storytellers worldwide to make a societal impact using their knowledge, skills and voice. We aim to become the next “Instagram for Audio”, weaving everyone’s heartfelt experiences and travel memories all in one app. 

Together as a whole, we can create the stories of us.